Bahari Yako

Since the beginning, Pole Pole has attracted those that value privacy, intimacy, and somewhere far-flung from the masses and the mainstream. Hidden away amongst the palms and caressed by sea breezes, the atmosphere is one of a secret sanctuary an ocean away from life’s hustle and bustle.

Along with Mafia Island Diving, we’ve decided to take this element to the next level: for those seeking the ultimate exclusivity, we are now offering your clients an exclusive private dhow experience!

After all, many upmarket safari camps offer the option to upgrade to exclusive use of vehicle - so why should guests give up this luxury when they arrive at the seaside? Or perhaps they’re celebrating a birthday, a honeymoon, an anniversary… Something made extra-special if they’re the only ones on board

‘Bahari Yako’ is Swahili for ‘your ocean’. A private boat is more than just an exclusive on-board experience: if one has the freedom to decide where to go and what to do, a whole world of possibility is opened up. Diving, sailing, snorkeling, sandbanking, sunset cruising, exploring… The options seem endless.

Terms & Conditions: see the .pdf file at the Download link below.


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