Set apart in the sunniest stretch of Pole Pole and surrounded by gently swaying palm trees, the swimming pool is shaped by a series of circles and set in a beautiful locally-sourced coconut wood deck. Its design is reminiscent of a traditional Arabic sailing dhow, with weathered parts of old sailing boats integrated into its features. It is partially shaded by a dramatic dhow sail rigged up on old masts, and a bar area and shaded seating area are also incorporated into the surrounding garden for your comfort and convenience.

The pool is set in Pole Pole’s Alasiri Garden, an idyllic location to bask in the golden afternoon light… Alasiri in Kiswahili means afternoon, but another delightful fact is that ‘siri’ means secret, and this makes the name doubly appropriate for this peaceful, hidden-away corner.
Furthermore, the garden’s lazy tranquility is perfectly complemented by the soothing luxury of The Alasiri Spa, which is set in the surrounds of the pool area, offering a variety of massages that are guaranteed to ease you into holiday-mode…